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Hey guys, wanted to send a quick thank you.  I started CrossFit with the goal to get stronger mainly so I could do my job better. What has happened is nothing short of awesome. After today’s CrossFit Total I sat in my truck so proud of myself and so happy that I am part of this CFB family. I felt sooooo good today despite the 8 weeks off. I am realizing potential that I never knew I had and am so excited about this year. I told Beth last week that my thirties is going to be my best decade yet. I am finally feeling like my technique is getting more solid and that is showing in my progress. I am happy to call you guys teachers and friends. Thanks so much for creating this great culture!

– Patrick Tanner, Head Athletic Trainer, IMG Academy

Paris and Beth have a great passion for CrossFit training.  I love this new gym.  Paris has gone out of his way to help me improve on key areas already.  The workouts have been fun and varied.  Welcome to the community guys!  I look forward to seeing your success.  There is nothing better than living your passion.

– Jason Cross, Publisher of Fit941 Magazine

Super clean box and Paris is not only a great instructor but a great guy…I can’t wait to go back!

Ed Tseng, Author, Speaker, Performance Consultant

I just wanted to send a big shout out to Paris and Beth Vannata for taking me in under their wing. As a former bodybuilder / power lifter I never envisioned embracing CrossFit. However after attending a competition at CrossFit Bradenton to watch my girlfriend compete I was curious. She along with my brother inspired me and after spending 3 one on one’s with Paris I was hooked. Yes, complaining all the way but knowing the end results were worth it! I’ve been attending for about 6 weeks now and down about 15 lbs and can actually run two plus miles with a bit of difficulty. I also wanted to send that same shout out to John, Mike and Jason for their patience and guidance as coaches!!! Then there is the coolest experience of all – the other members and the constant support without judgement of how or where you finish the WOD. Looking forward to the continued challange and growth. Thanks so much for all you represent CrossFit Bradenton.

– Johnnie Earl

CrossFit Bradenton is a gorgeous gym stocked full of all the toys. Coach Paris knows his stuff as well.

– Steve Adams, Owner of CrossFit KaiJu

Almost 30lb gone in 2months. A lot more stregnth, flexibilty, endurance and stamina. But the best part of CFB is how friendly, helpful, and welcoming all the members are. As the Owner of Manatee Kenpo Karate Studio (kenpofl dot com non shameless plug), CFB has and is continuing to help me reach my fitness goals, become a better instructor, and feel & look great!!! Thank YOU CFB!!!

– Shawn Duval

I couldn’t have said it better Shawn! I love the awesome transformation I am seeing in both of us. Weight loss, eating healthy, and so much energy! We love our CFB family! Paris and Beth thank you so much for all you do!

– Rustie Delp Ventresca

Paris and Beth are completely dedicated to the box and are truly passionate about the athletes becoming better. They are poster children for the crossfit community. CFB has an amazing vibe, very positive and motivating. come in a kill it!

– Jamie Gregorich

CrossFit Bradenton is absolutely amazing. I was new to the city of Bradenton and finding this gem of a CrossFit box was the best thing I stumbled upon. Paris and Beth’s coaching is some of the best coaching I’ve had at a box. Aside from the top-notch coaching, another quality that makes this box so unique is the amazing members that attend. You are so motivated by each other in class and everyone becomes a family. The workouts are designed in a way to challenge you and push you farther than you could ever take yourself. I worked up a great sweat every time and also continued to make gains in my lifting. If you’ve never tried CrossFit, you need to come to CrossFit Bradenton! And if you’re a CrossFit junkie like me, and haven’t tried a class at CrossFit Bradenton, you need too!!

– Grace Dawson Beatty

Just would like to say a huge Thank You to Beth and Paris. Today marks the end of my fourth week at CrossFit Bradenton.  You two are the best.  Your encouragement, enthusiasm, and guidance is so awesome!!!!!  Also, to all who have been in class with me and encouraged me on…(and so patient while I finish the WoD) Thank You!!!!  What a great place to workout!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Suzie Cook

Paris and Beth are great coaches and box owners. They are constantly motivating you to do your best. They have helped me reach and break through several goals. I always look forward to my workouts. Something I have never been able to say about a “traditional” gym.

– Juan Nieto

I look forward to getting up early everyday to go to the box and see Beth’s smiling face….before she works me to death! I’ve never stuck to any exercise program before because I became bored quickly. With CrossFit, it’s a different workout every day and I love it!

– Jennifer Eddy

I have played on sports teams my whole life, but I have never loved my coaches, teammates or “practices” as much as I love Paris, Beth, my teammates and the WODs at CrossFit Bradenton! Come join our team!!!

– Jennilyn Webber

CrossFit Bradenton is a great place for every fitness level! Paris and Beth are very professional, and they completely devote their lives to helping and teaching others this great sport! Come to CFB it will change your life!

– John Lay

CrossFit Bradenton is one of a kind. You will not only surround yourself with a great fitness community, but the best owners and coaches you could ask for. Paris and Beth will take you under their wings to improve your health no matter what your level of fitness is. Their emphasis on safety and technique has allowed me to do things I never thought I could do. I can’t wait to see where CFB takes me!

– Gregg McClendon

I have been lucky enough to be one of the original members. The box has changed my life…not to mention my overall opinion on working out. Paris and Beth lead by example and have an incredible passion for their box and members…so much so that my three children are also members. Thanks CrossFit Bradenton.

– Leah Simon

What a great group of people! This box is truly a fitness family. The box is clean and organized. The coaches are informative and approachable. The programming is structured and well thought out. I cannot say enough good things about this box.

-Stephanie Gonzalez Gill

I have exercised pretty much all my life, never had done CrossFit, but was intrigued when I heard about it, just so happened that at that same time CrossFit Bradenton opened its doors, I gave it a shot and I am hooked, I have never seen results like this with any exercise program I have ever done. From the very beginning, I was treated and felt like part of a family, the encouragement you get from the coaches as well as the other members no matter what your fitness level is amazing, again nothing I have ever experienced in a gym. Paris and Beth are very professional and at the same time caring, wanting you to reach the next level, no matter what that looks like. We are all there for different reasons and are all at so many different levels of fitness, but because of their knowledge and support, we are all making huge strides towards our goals. I am the queen of “comparison shopping” but once I stepped foot in this box, it felt like home and I never want to leave, there is no other box for me! There are CrossFit gyms popping up everywhere, but I promise you once have tried CrossFit Bradenton, you will feel at home and will be amazed at your own progress in very short time! Looking forward to seeing you there!

– Denise Anderson Fraser-Longshore

All I have to say is that if you are looking for a place to be challenged but yet motivated by others who’s goals may be the same or totally different, this is the place. This is your gym. This is family.

– Courtney McGivern

Very awesome place, clean, organized, loud and inspiring. Love working out here!

– Jeremy Smith

I could go on and on about how the community at CrossFit Bradenton is the most amazing community for fun, encouragement and support. (This group of people have changed my life forever!)

– Coya Dryer

I love coming here!!! After trying two other Crossfit gyms in the area I finally feel I have found my spot! Paris and Beth truly have a grasp on what “elite fitness for all” means! Great people, great workout for anyone at any level of fitness!!!

– Jennifer Burns, Owner of Above the Grain

Thanks Paris and Beth for letting me drop in! You guys are awesome and the box is great! Definitely will be back when I am in town again.

– Joe Maderazo

This year has been awesome! Paris & Beth you guys are the best coaches ever! Couldn’t imagine working out anywhere else! 🙂

– Denise Penuel

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here for all of the help and encouragement you’ve all given me since I started working out here. I’m so happy I made it this far. This morning I RX’d my very first WoD ever and I’m ecstatic about it! Honestly I didn’t think I would ever see those letters written next to my name but today that changed. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I love all of you guys!

– Stephen Selph

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