Workout Tracking

If you want to get everything out of CrossFit – log your workouts

At CrossFit Bradenton, we feel it’s important to track your workouts. After all, CrossFit is about measurable and quantifiable results. If we’re not tracking to gauge our progress, we may wind up just spinning our wheels.

CrossFit Bradenton uses SugarWOD to accomplish this – an official CrossFit workout app. It’s a fun, social way to track your WODs and share them with your peers at CrossFit Bradenton or your friends who use the app. Using it is completely optional (and you can keep your account private), but many other CrossFit gyms who have been using SugarWOD are experiencing as high as 85% of their athletes regularly using SugarWOD! This is important for many reasons, but one really good reason is so that you know your benchmarks at a glance.

Here’s what you need to get started:

1. Download SugarWOD

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2. Sign up for an account

Sign-up for an account (it’s free!) and select CrossFit Bradenton as your box.

3. Start logging your workouts!