Lor Roma-Nusman: A New Lease on Life

Lor Roma-Nusman

Paris, I can’t say Thank You enough! I was always the type to go, go, go until my energy level and exhaustion got so bad that I knew something was wrong. I had tests done which showed I had a congenital defect of my Aorta and it was also barely open enough for the blood to go thru. I quickly had open-heart surgery for a Mechanical Aortic Valve Replacement. The recovery was the hardest part and still is. Why? What am I doing wrong I kept asking the Cardiologist. I was told it would take time because now my Aorta was functioning fine and everything else had to catch up so to speak. Because so much blood is now flowing thru (as it should) my Blood Pressure went sky high. So many med changes and bad days that included horrible headaches, dizziness, nausea, hair loss and on and on that I had almost given up on a normal life. I had this surgery to save my life and now my body is having a hard time “working effectively”. All I could say to myself is “this can’t possibly be happening after all this!”

I would listen to Kristi talk about the WOD’s and the CrossFit classes, coaches and members with such enthusiasm! It brightened my day! She encouraged me to push myself to do more because I was always active and maybe my body needed that again! She wanted me to join CrossFit to get fit and healthy again but I was scared to death to say the least! She kept telling me that it can all be scaled down to meet your physical abilities and I can remember thinking to myself…sure…but I doubt it! Well I woke up one day and said this is it I am going to try it because nothing else is working and life is too short to live like this!

I joined!!! Now I just had to hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself and embarrass Kristi! Not only did I not embarrass her she is so supportive and helpful along with everyone there!

This is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself! I can’t put into words how wonderful you, Beth and everyone of the trainers and CrossFitters have been to me! It’s truly an extension of family. Everyone really does care about each other and is so helpful and non-judgmental! CrossFit had changed my life in such a positive way that I can’t wait to get there. Even if the WOD is a hard one, I quickly learned to have no worries. Everything can be scaled down! I’m so happy to say that in the first week or so my blood pressure went from 200/100 to 148/80!! I’m elated! Nothing worked but this did!!!

I’m hoping some of the younger members can get their parents to join! Life is too short to sit back and say, “I can’t… I’m too tired… or I’m too sore! Just do it!

My granddaughter Kayla is in CrossFit for kids and loves it! My other granddaughter Brie has also gone! Kayla loves it and can’t wait to get there! She would always toss and turn at bedtime. No more. She sleeps like a baby now! I’m sorry this is so long but it’s real and the truth. I can’t shout from the hilltops yet (but I’ll get there!) so I’m hoping this helps give at least one person the courage to change their life for the better!

Simply put. Thank you for giving me my life back!