Jordan Escher: No Longer Just The Fast Kid

Jordan Escher

Hope, dreams, and ambition… this is what made me into the kind of person I am today.

My CrossFit journey began 3 years ago and it has drastically improved my life. First and foremost, let me start off by saying that I have always had a concern for my health and being physically fit. However before joining my box, I had no idea just how narrow-minded I was on what that meant.

My whole life I have played sports; from competitively playing soccer and running track and field to playing pick up games of basketball, football, or ultimate Frisbee. Whatever it is, I enjoy the spirit of competition. Playing all these sports I became quick on my feet and had great cardio, but I never really had the chance to hit the gym so my strength wasn’t there. I tried joining a local gym multiple times, but when you have no idea what your doing and no one to properly show you, you lose interest quickly. I have always had a strong will and a desire to be the best that I could be, but I was starting to accept that I was just supposed to be some skinny, fast, weak kid.

After coming across the CrossFit games on TV, I instantly searched Google to see if there were any gyms near me. Sure enough there were multiple in the area, and after a few trials at a couple different locations, I found the perfect fit at CrossFit Bradenton and instantly jumped in. The community was so friendly, and the knowledge and tips from the coach’s were beyond extraordinary.

Since joining, I managed to put on 30 lbs. of muscle mass now weighing about 180~. I am no longer just the fast runner I used to be, but I can also move some weight now and am continuously growing as an athlete. I am often told that I have become an inspiration to those both in our gym and out of it, and to me that is the best accomplishment yet. My ultimate goal is to someday compete on the biggest stage in the CrossFit world… the CrossFit Games.