Chris Gilpin: No More Boring Gym Routine

14054482_1135566679864581_5395242532835025654_o2 years before starting CrossFit; I was a member of a 24-hour gym and had a smart phone and a downloaded fitness app. I’d get up early in the morning to get my work out on before heading into the office. It was a nice gym, but like most regular gyms; everyone keeps to themselves, everyone has their own routines, and no mingling or talking to one another. I’d load up my fitness app at the time and it would tell me how many reps to do at what weight, etc. The app I was using at the time had only one routine and it was the same routine each week, but with slightly heavier weights each 2-3 weeks. Needless to say, the fitness app lasted a good 2-3 months. I did the same routine each day as scheduled; almost robotic in nature. Let’s be real here; who enjoys doing the same boring thing over and over and over again? In the last few months of this routine, my alarm would go off in the early mornings and I’d hit the snooze button and started to say to myself “I’ll go intomorrow morning and do today and tomorrow’s work out together.” My postponing of my work outs became days upon days, weeks upon weeks, months, and even a year. And of course nobody was waiting on me to go in and work out; just me, myself, and I.

In November of 2013; my neighbor at the time was looking into other fitness options to which she came across CrossFit Bradenton’s site offering a free trial and asked me if I was interested in going with her. We both went in and gave it a shot. We “survived” the trial and I, personally, was addicted already to CrossFit. What gets one addicted to CrossFit? EVERYTHING! Most importantly, the community that pushes one to be a better person than you were yesterday. I made CrossFit my New Year’s Resolution and promise to myself for the 2014 year and I’m nearing 3 full years of continuing this great journey to being a better “me.”

Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a “numbers guy” both professionally and at the CrossFit box. I noticed visible improvements within the first 30-60 days going 3 times a week, but it wasn’t until about 6-9 months in after starting that I went from weighing 220 lbs. and 22% body fat down to 190 lbs. and 15.9% body fat. My physical strength and endurances have gone up regularly as more time passed. Again, because it wasn’t just me, myself, and I anymore; I had a community behind me to push me forward to my fitness goals.

Today, not only do I continue to improve on my own personal fitness goals (which at this time consists more towards competing – both locally and through the CrossFit Open), but I love giving back to the community by mentoring and pushing others around me to make and succeed in their own personal fitness goals.