Rubie Gaudette: From Doubtful to Addicted

12814241_1020360198051897_2142981201127238785_nI moved to Bradenton a year and three months ago. Before moving here, I had only tried Crossfit for a couple of weeks so I still had no idea what I was doing when I walked through the doors at Crossfit Bradenton.  I had enjoyed the place I originally started at and was nervous not only to start somewhere new but to start to commit to something that was still very foreign to me. I have always been involved in various forms of exercise but never something like this.  Crossfit Bradenton was suggested to me by a close friend and within just a couple weeks of being in Florida, I decided to try it out.  As soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by Paris and felt unbelievably welcome.  I was so nervous because there was so much I didn’t know and everyone seemed levels above me.  After my first class, I knew Crossfit Bradenton was where I wanted to be.  What amazed me, and continues to amaze me, is how open, kind, and genuine not only Paris and Beth were, but all of the members.  I was always greeted at every class and members who didn’t know who I was always introduced themselves to me. I immediately felt as if I had a home away from home and even today, I am so grateful to have all of these members in my life.
Within a few weeks of being at Crossfit Bradenton, my grandfather had passed away.  Paris had only known me for a few short weeks, but as soon as I walked through the door, he knew something had happened. Paris’s compassion helped me through a very difficult time and it was so amazing to know that someone who still didn’t know me very well could care so much.  The camaraderie built around Crossfit cannot be found in any other setting.  We are all there together, struggling together, sweating together, and no one is done until the last person is done.  Even after the worst of days, I have never left a class not smiling.
Crossfit Bradenton creates an environment where people can come together of all levels and can work together to achieve their personal goals.  Paris and Beth, and all the members, help push me farther than I ever thought my body could go.  Crossfit is so addicting because you can see yourself improve week to week, workout to workout, and even after seeing the smallest of improvements, it gets you so motivated and looking forward to the next work out.  In this past year, I have done things I have never thought I would be able to do.  I am doing olympic lifts, double unders, and have even gotten my first pull-up.  My body has accomplished so much physically and without even realizing it, this has been the first year I have been so proud and comfortable in the skin I’m in. It hasn’t all been perfect; there has been blood, sweat, and tears (literally) but every burn, ache, and extra rep I work through, I feel myself becoming a better me.  I had always had my doubts in Crossfit but ever since trying it out, I am never going back!