Alia White: Inspired to Make an Impact

Alia WhiteSeveral friends mentioned to me that they believed I would fall in love with Crossfit. Being the person that I am, it took over a year to convince me to even try my first Crossfit class. Once I stepped foot in the original Crossfit Bradenton gym, that was it! I was hooked. I’ve been active my whole life but have always struggled with “looking active”, physically. I am also the type of person who appreciates and commits to structured & challenging tasks. From the very first trial class at Crossfit Bradenton, I instantly felt both my needs for structure & challenge being met! On top of that, the unexpected community feel knocked me off my feet! Currently, as a member of nearly two and half years, I have built life-long friendships at Crossfit Bradenton, gotten into the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life, as well as found an additional love, the Paleo diet. Paris & Beth continue to exceed expectations of running the gym by providing the athletes with a variety of workouts, amazing coaches with unique perspectives & techniques, supplemental learning, pristine gym layout & equipment, and an always approachable & genuine atmosphere. The athletes encourage one another, and truly want each member to excel. Working out at Crossfit Bradenton is one of the absolute best parts of my day! I never grow tired of coming 5-6 times/week! Crossfit Bradenton has made such a huge impact on my life that my husband & I are working towards starting our own business, Paleo Pantry. I learned about the Paleo diet through Crossfit Bradenton’s Lurong Challenge a year or so ago and have never looked back. My husband & I aspire to create the service of delivering local organic/sustainable ingredients along with the corresponding Paleo recipe to subscribers! We are excited and hope to make a positive impact in our community! Thank you Crossfit Bradenton!!