Olivia Kawula: Searching for a Change

 Being in need of a change brought me to CrossFit Bradenton in the first place. The “normal” gym wasn’t fulfilling my needs and wasn’t giving me the results I personally wanted for myself. I remember discussing different options with my boyfriend Thomas and he mentioned trying out CrossFit. We searched the area and were lucky enough to find CrossFit Bradenton!  I remember being really nervous at first, and feeling somewhat intimidated. I wanted to make a good impression and I wanted to feel accepted. My impression has changed so much. I’ve gotten more than what I wanted. CrossFit Bradenton feels like a second home and every member feels like a second family. Huge shoutout to the 9:30 crew who push me each and every day and have made CFB what it is for me today. Also to Beth and Paris who make me feel good throughout my accomplishments and help with my workouts. I don’t recall my first bright spot moment, but each day is definitely a bright spot for me. Being motivated and powering through a work out is an amazing feeling. Thomas and I have been at CFB for a year now and there are STILL so many movements we are learning and perfecting. It’s a never-ending journey and I love every second of it. I’m still working on so many things – it’s awesome! Getting stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally is a daily goal of mine at CFB. Dubs, kipping pull-ups, toes to bar, and overhead squats with weight are on my list as well! I love how once you accomplish something, there’s something else waiting for you! There are sooo many beautiful memories at CFB that I can’t really pinpoint a “favorite”. For me, it’s looking back and seeing how far I have come. With a push from myself and our fellow Crossfitters, I love watching Thomas RX on workouts that he thought he never could RX on. And I love hearing everyone’s awesome stories about their PR’s and their accomplishments. Really seeing how far each and every one of us has come is so motivating.