Tom Cronshaw: From Bored to Inspired

What brought me to CrossFit Bradenton was just being bored with my workouts. I was a member at Crunch and just was really tired with my routine. I also was rarely leaving the gym with that good sore feeling. I remember telling my girlfriend Olivia that we should try something different and I had heard that CrossFit was really cool so we searched the area and found your gym.  I remember being really nervous when I first started. I wanted to make a good impression and I wanted to be able to pick things up quickly. Paris and Beth made the transition a lot easier than I thought it would be. They both made me feel comfortable and were really good at teaching me the things that I needed to know. To be honest, I still to this day get nervous before every workout. It’s a good nervous. Its excitement and wanting to perform at my best. I have always been a big competitor and love seeing how I rank compared to the others at CrossFit Bradenton. My scores or times are not even close to being at the top, but I still strive to get there each and every workout. It’s always a challenge and I love challenges. But no matter how I may score in AMRAP’s or time, I always leave knowing I had a killer workout. I’ve had so many bright spots along the way that it’s hard to remember what my first one was. I know that the bright spot that sticks out is my first RX workout. I just love the satisfaction of going RX. I don’t care if I’m last on the list for time or rounds. If I’m in the RX list, I am very proud. I don’t get the opportunity often. It has to be some workouts that are right in my wheel house. But it is always something to strive for. Don’t get me wrong, I get immense satisfaction just completing any workout whether it be RX or scaled. The workouts are all tough either way. But, my ultimate goal would be to be able to do all RX workouts. That would be sweet. I am currently working on so many things! Ring dips, bar muscle ups, double unders, toes to bar, over head squats, squat cleans. Damn there are so many things I need and want to get better at. But, like I said before, it’s all a challenge and I love being challenged.  I have to say honestly I don’t really have a favorite CFB memory. So many equally great memories. I have great workout memories of PR’s and improvement in skills. I have great memories of Olivia and seeing her get PR’s and improve in her skills. To see her huge smile after she accomplishes something is so amazing to see. I have great memories of other members pushing through tough workouts. I have great memories of CFB functions like the Christmas Party or a get together at a restaurant. I have great memories of just pushing through workouts with all the people I have worked out with. So I can’t pick a favorite memory at CFB. Let’s just say I have a lot of favorite memories.