Ashley Duvall: Single Mom Making Time for Herself

I’ve been active my whole life with sports and working out. A couple years ago I had decided to go back to college. I was a single mom, working full time and now a full time student. Let’s just say my fitness took a back seat for a while. Nearing the end of school I was going to be in my brothers wedding and had been fitted for a bridesmaids dress earlier. I went to pick it up, tried it on and couldn’t zip it at all! I had to go 2 sizes bigger than what I ordered! That was my wake up call. I started back at a gym for woman and it got me to a certain point, but not nearly where I wanted to be. I had hit a plateau.

I ran into Beth Button, who I had went to college with, at soccer sign-ups and we got to talking about how she started CrossFit and she mentioned I would love it. Well she was right. I was sold with CrossFit Bradenton immediately. The gym was large, clean and the people were amazingly welcoming.  The one goal I had been trying for was a strict pull-up.  I was able to hit that goal in a few months here. Now I’m working on getting 10 strict pull-ups in a row! CrossFit Bradenton will give you the push you need to go for things you never thought you could do. I remember signing up for the CrossFit Open not knowing if I could do the workouts. The first one had a lot of pull-ups and I was nervous. All the members and coaches pushed and cheered me on to be able to do them all! It was a great feeling. The programming is always changing and keeping my body on its toes. I couldn’t be happier with my box and all the friendships I have made the past few years.