Chris Carey: Chasing a 500# Deadlift

I was looking for a way to get in better shape and lose some weight. Instead of having to come up with my own workout it was nice having it planned out and coaches helping you improve along the way. I remember thinking these people are crazy. I remember being in awe watching people do some of the workouts and different movements.  Now I know those people have worked hard to improve and I try to get advice from them so hopefully I can keep improving in those movements and exercises. One of my bright spots was surviving the “Karen” WOD.  It was the first named WOD I did after signing up a week or two before that.
At the moment I am working on getting my deadlift over 500 pounds and continuing to improve my cardio and strength for upcoming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions.
I really started to enjoy crossfit when I became more comfortable with all the lifts and WoDs. I began improving and started setting personal records . I went from being scared that I would injure myself doing certain movements and exercises to looking forward to them when I saw them on the board.