Greg Miller: Founding Member & Law Enforcement Officer

Several of my very good friends were very involved in the CrossFit community and had nothing but great things to say about the workouts and how they related to my career in law enforcement.  Two of which were/are in law enforcement and attested to the benefits of a constantly varied workout.  I attended the Grand Opening of CrossFit Bradenton with my friend Donelle and after recovering from the workout I was surprised as to how welcoming, supportive and informed the coaches (Paris and Beth) were about fitness and weightlifting.  From that moment I was hooked.

Initially was I somewhat intimidated about the workouts because I had never done anything that strenuous before even when I was in college doing strength training.  The workouts are hard for a reason because change doesn’t come easy.  It only comes with hard work and after the first couple of classes that slight intimidation turned into eager anticipation to the classes and workouts.

My first accomplishment was getting my first ring muscle up.  We also got it on video too! I don’t know what spurred Coach Paris to video me just toying around on the rings but his coaches sense must have been tingling.

Ever since my recent car accident, I have been “gun shy” of anything involving heavy deadlifts or heavy Olympic lifts because of a lower back injury.  I’m working on strengthening my lower back and gaining flexibility at the same time to get back to where I was before the accident.

I have two favorite memories.  The first was when I was doing an Open workout and Johnny was my judge.  It was a workout that involved heavy cleans and hand stand push-ups.  I was tired and all I remember hearing was Johnny yelling at me “Find another F*%@ing gear man!’ “That shit isn’t heavy!!” “F*%@ing power clean it!”  We still laugh about that today.  The second is when I had the “Ah Ha” moment for Atlas Athletic Apparel.  We were doing heavy split jerks and I had drank a little too much pre-workout and out of nowhere the phrase “Move Weight” was yelled after getting a PR.  Who knew that pre-workout and adrenaline could make someone creative?