Liza Zona: Transformed Through CrossFit and a Healthy Diet

My CF journey! I started CrossFit 7 years ago after working out in a cardio class that got boring quick! My firsts 6 months were so challenging but I kept after it and watched myself become someone I never knew I could be, an athlete!  I love to lift and just never knew it. I love to push myself and just never knew it! I have some weakness but I also have some strength and CF bring those to light!

I started to transform my body, build some nice muscles on my frame.  Then my box did a Paleo challenge. Most boxes were pro-paleo even though HQ was pushing The Zone and I lost some weight and kept doing Paleo for another 3 mos. I looked the best I had ever since my wedding. But then summer….my weight slowly crept up. I did another challenge the following year and boom weight came off and then summer again! This became my life. Strict paleo for 3 months then 80/20 for a few months and then summer! I then had rotator surgery and somewhat used that as an excuse not to eat better. Plus I was honestly sick of denying myself certain foods just because a diet told me too, not because I was gluten intolerant!

I moved to Florida and if anything become more lazy about my nutrition. Way too many tasty fast food joints here! My weight crept to probably it’s highest except pregnancy! I knew I had to do something and I started macro-counting after seeing some amazing transformations on Facebook.  Eating a certain amount of protein, carbs & fat every day not going over nor under my allotted numbers. I’m down 42lbs in 20 weeks and I deny myself nothing! No I’m not eating candy & cookies all day but if I want to treat myself once & a while with them I do.  I eat bread almost daily. Yogurt & rice on the regular! I’ve found healthy foods that now make me just as happy as the unhealthy ones used too.  My performance in CrossFit has been a 180! I use to struggle to finish the WoD in the time-cap and now that’s hardly an issue. My lifts are mostly at my pre-surgery numbers and some I’ve even beaten. I started walking while my twins trained at soccer and built myself up to now running 5k 2x a week, and OMG I even like running, can’t believe I am that person now!

I’m a new person inside & out and my goal is to be this woman forever.  I’m thinking of trying for things like bar muscle-ups that I would’ve never thought could be done as the old me, this new me has a chance, slim one due to my shoulder but one never knows what they are capable until you try! If you are looking to change, do it, you honestly have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.  There are so many diets out there, search for the one that’s perfect for you and the one that can truly become a lifestyle not just a diet, those will be sustainable!