Amanda Gilbert – Super Nurse to “Super-Fit”

I have always wanted to try CrossFit, but someone once told me that it was for the “super-fit” athletes, so I never tried it because I was not “super-fit”. My co-worker Beate worked at the hospital with me and I learned that she does CrossFit and after she told me a little about it, so I decided to give it a try.  It was very different than I expected. I thought I would feel intimidated and would be expected to do one arm pull ups or something. But it was so amazing, the atmosphere was very friendly and I felt welcome.  The atmosphere was so welcoming, that I have and continue to form friendships with some awesome people and everyone is so encouraging and supportive. One of the things that I’m proudest of was when I learned to climbed the rope. I have never even done that as a child and to be able to do it as an adult was amazing. I am currently working on building more strength, getting a new Deadlift record, and also working on my endurance by running more. My favorite memory was competing in Festivus Games and getting second place with my partner Beate.