Beate Heyman – Fitter now than in her 20’s

With two small children, I had been struggling to go to the YMCA.  I became very bored using the equipment there.  It was especially difficult because my daughter cried every time I dropped her off in the little daycare.  I would only be able to workout for 15 minutes before the sitters would come get me because she was crying.

I first came to CrossFit Bradenton after my husband Luke told me I should try it out.  I was so nervous, but my nerves were calmed when my great friend Sara agreed to come try it with me.  I was hooked! With the great coaching from Paris, Beth, and the rest of the staff, I went from scaling everything to doing things RX (as prescribed)!!! Those first RX movements were an amazing milestones for me!

There are always going to be movements in CrossFit that I would like to get better at and more weight that I’d like to move, but most of all I’m so much healthier and stronger now in my 30’s than I ever was in my 20’s! I’m so happy I found a way to be a better and stronger version of myself!