Agnes Nagy – Overcoming Her Own Fears

I came to CrossFit Bradenton through my friend.  She told me how it changed her life and what an awesome community it was. I looked at some videos and saw heavy weights, people walking on their hands and doing legless rope climbs. Certainly this was not for me; a rookie with poor coordination, no strength who has never lifted a barbell in her life.

However, I was also tired of sweating all by myself onto my living room carpet to a popular HIIT video. I tried Crunch as well but got demotivated quickly and cancelled my membership after 3 months. I lost some weight on my own and wasn’t obese anymore but still needed something new that would keep me going on my fitness journey.

I’m so glad my curiosity was bigger than my fear and I finally came in for the free trial class to see what CrossFit was. I found out that you don’t have to be a hardcore athlete to start because there are so many variations and scaling options for every level. I realized when I had to crawl upstairs after finishing Foundations, that this is exactly what I needed to push my physical and mental limits. No-nonsense, versatile workouts, knowledgeable coaches who put their heart and souls into every single person’s growth and a welcoming community of great athletes I can look up to – these are the 3 “secret ingredients” which keep me coming back.

Fast forward one year, and coming to the box -as paradox as it sounds – feels like slipping into a pair of comfy loafers. Initially, I signed up for being leaner and fitter but I got so much more. I learned to embrace adversity and I’m seeing significant results in strength, speed and mobility. There is not one day when I don’t come with joy and the person leaving the box is always a happier, stronger, more confident one. I’ve never thought that hard workouts can be so much fun. This is the place where yesterday’s impossible becomes today’s possible and tomorrow’s normal. Due to this type of conditioning, I was able to run a half marathon and six months later, the full marathon.

Some of my bright spots are stringing some double-unders together as this is the first Rx movement I can do. Also, I have a passion for long distance running, so anytime is a good time when we have runs in the WOD.

This year, I would like to improve my form with all weightlifting movements and conquer two of my fears: jumping on edgy things (box jumps) and being upside down (nailing at least the wall handstand).

My best memory at CFB is probably our intramural competition during the CrossFit Games. Despite being a novice, I will never forget how many people cheered me on; it felt like a mini Olympics.  I used to want to be invisible in P.E. classes but now when things get hard, the support just gives me that little extra to keep going.

It takes a village to turn a couch potato into an athlete and I’m glad I found mine. I love my extended family and intend on staying a member for many years to come.