Member Stories

Agnes Nagy – Overcoming Her Own Fears

I came to CrossFit Bradenton through my friend.  She told me how it changed her life and what an awesome community it was. I looked at some videos and saw heavy weights, people walking on their hands and doing legless rope climbs. Certainly this was not for me; a rookie with poor coordination, no strength… Read more »

Beate Heyman – Fitter now than in her 20’s

With two small children, I had been struggling to go to the YMCA.  I became very bored using the equipment there.  It was especially difficult because my daughter cried every time I dropped her off in the little daycare.  I would only be able to workout for 15 minutes before the sitters would come get me… Read more »

Amanda Gilbert – Super Nurse to “Super-Fit”

I have always wanted to try CrossFit, but someone once told me that it was for the “super-fit” athletes, so I never tried it because I was not “super-fit”. My co-worker Beate worked at the hospital with me and I learned that she does CrossFit and after she told me a little about it, so I… Read more »

Strong on the Outside and the Inside

I started looking for CrossFit without knowing why.  When Paris asked me that question during the sign-up process, my answer surprised me: because I want to be as strong on the outside as I am on the inside. As a full-time working mother of 2 daughters, I had n0 time to myself.  I could also… Read more »

From Gymnast to CrossFit Competitor

I decided to give CFB a try when my sister, Katie, suggested I join her for a workout. I  had been attending boot camps and kickboxing classes, but I had become bored with them and was ready for a new, different challenge. After a couple of workouts I decided it was just what I was… Read more »

Sara Nader-Hund: Strong in Both Body and Mind

I was first brought to CrossFit Bradenton by my dear friend Beate Heyman. I had been working out at “The Y “daily and running. After several years of group fitness, weightlifting, and completing a few marathons, I was looking for a new challenge. Beate and I tried CrossFit Bradenton. I remember being so nervous and… Read more »

Greg Miller: Founding Member & Law Enforcement Officer

Several of my very good friends were very involved in the CrossFit community and had nothing but great things to say about the workouts and how they related to my career in law enforcement.  Two of which were/are in law enforcement and attested to the benefits of a constantly varied workout.  I attended the Grand… Read more »

Jhojam Torres: A Beast Unleashed

I’ve been working out ever since I could remember. I practiced Judo when I was 4 and at age 7 I got into Greco Roman Wrestling. Later, I moved to the US with my family and started playing football. Once I was in high school I joined the Football, Weightlifting and Wrestling teams. I also… Read more »