I often get asked about my workouts. Specifically I get asked “did you today’s workout?” My most common answer may surprise many of you who have never had this exchange with me. My answer on most days is “no, I did my own workout.”

“But Coach! Shouldn’t you be doing the wods that we have in the gym? Is your programming better? Should I switch and find a random program on the internet? Why don’t you do class anymore?” All of these thoughts may run through your head when I answer that previous question.

First of all; I do still do class 1-2 times a week (Tuesday night crew shoutout!). However to understand why I do a different workout than the gym’s wod on most days (and why you should not worry about my workouts being different from yours), we must look again at the SAID Principle that we talked about last week:

Remember that in order to accomplish a specific goal optimally the exercises must be programmed with that specific goal in mind. I can program deadlifts, but the stimulus will be vastly different if I program heavy 5 x 3 than if I program the workout “Dianne” (21-15-9 deadlifts & handstand push-ups).

My major goals right now are to put on as much muscle mass as I can and to increase my strength as much as possible. All other goals (gymnastics skills, cardio-endurance, general work capacity) are currently taking a back seat for me. My programming is specific to my goals.

This does not mean that my workouts are superior at all. In fact, if I were trying to increase my fitness levels then this programming I currently follow would not be optimal. For most CrossFitters my current training would be the complete opposite of what they’d need.

CrossFit programming, like what you do every day in class, is unbeatable when it comes to improving general fitness & performance capacity.

From it’s beginnings CrossFit’s aim has been to forge a broad, general, and inclusive fitness. The original CrossFitters sought to build a program that would best prepare trainees for the unkown & unkowable challenges that life offers.

This is accomplished by playing the long game. CrossFit programming is designed to gradually improve your fitness by working on 10 primary fitness skills all at once. There is no specialization. Our specialty is not specializing. CrossFitters gradually work on all-around fitness and over time raise all general skills together.

These are the 10 general physical fitness skills. ALL ten of these are built up simultaneously when we design CrossFit programming for the classes. One day you’ll build to a max set of 5 back squats (strength, balance, flexibility); the next you could do a wod like “Fran” 21-15-9 reps for time of light thrusters & pull-ups (power, agility, accuracy, speed); and then the next day you could run a 5k for time (endurance, stamina).

The general fitness skills are the first model that CrossFit is built on. You work out in class in order to develop all of these skills and thus improve your fitness. That is the purpose, the intent of CrossFit programming.

Over the next few weeks we will be deep diving into all of these skills to further understand how our programming works, and what exactly we are doing all of this work for.


One more thing; If you have specific goals that you really want to focus on please reach out to me or another coach and start scheduling skills sessions or ask us about individual program design! Using these services in adddition to your group classes can skyrocket your performance like nothing else.

Remember that the fastest path to your goals is 1 on 1 attention with programming created specifically for you.

Next week we will address the first 4 general fitness skills; Endurance – Stamina – Strength – and Flexibility.

-Coach David


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