The CrossFit Open is the annual, global, online competition that for 3 weeks in the spring dominates the CrossFit World. You can hardly walk into any box in the world, or look at any CrossFitter’s social media without being bombarded by workout scores, tips and strategies, and of course; funny memes about how terrible the workouts are.

For most of us the CrossFit open should be an annual celebration of health and fitness and what is possible when you spend the rest of the year taking care of your body. Unfortunately for many of us The Open also comes with an absurd amount of performance anxiety. Even though we rationally know that we aren’t trying to reach the ultimate destination of the CrossFit Sport season – The CrossFit Games – we still feel bad about ourselves when we see our ranking or compare ourselves to our friends.

If this is you then I am begging you to rethink your approach. If you are reading this then you are probably not a CrossFit Games athlete. You likely do not get paid to train and compete at the sport’s highest level. This means that ultimately your Open score does not matter to your life in the big picture. Your livelihood does not depend on getting a few more reps.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and striving to get better year after year. I myself do have the goal of finishing in the top 10% of men in North America and competing in the next stage. But as highly driven and competitive athletes we tend to allow our results to become part of our identity.

Who you are as an athlete and as a person is not defined by how many reps you did in 15 minutes. You decide what defines you based on your core values. A three event competition cannot be allowed to influence that decision.

As recreational CrossFit athletes who are doing CrossFit to be healthy and fit we get to play part of the professional sport season with nothing to lose! There are literally no major stakes riding on your Open performance. You won’t lose anything if you fall short of your goals.

Now don’t misunderstand me; I am not saying that if you want to take the Open seriously and truly pursue your best possible performance that you should not do that. As I said earlier I am doing that myself this year in pursuit of the top 10%. What I am saying is that a less than stellar score or a workout that is way beyond your current skill set does not have to crush your spirit.


If you do fall short of your goals this year than that should serve as a humbling moment and fuel your passion to do whatever it takes not to be back in this spot a year from now. It’s okay to be disappointed in your results, but if you truly give each workout full effort then you should be proud of that.

The CrossFit Open should be fun. It should be a blast to experience the slight nervousness of waiting for the announcements. It should be a party when you and your friends are throwing down at your box that weekend. It should be a wild celebration when someone in your gym gets their first ever muscle up or PR’s their clean and jerk!

The Open is our global celebration of the fact that in a world which seems to constantly choose the easiest path to comfort and the quickest path to disease; we choose to do hard things and forge healthy and capable bodies. Regardless of what the Open leaderboards say we are all fitter than 95% of the other people on this planet.

That is what we are celebrating. We are the CrossFit Community and around the world we are carrying the beacon of health in the fight against disease and dependence. YOU are what someone else wishes they were. This should be fun because you have trained too hard and made the hard choices to eat well when you didn’t have to for it not to be.

Even in the context of our little CrossFit bubble; you never know who is dreaming about getting the score that you are putting yourself down for achieving. Let this be the year that we let go of our performance anxiety, remember that as everyday athletes we get to play the game with house money, and make this the most FUN CrossFit Open ever.

-Coach David

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