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We can help to get you in the best shape of your life. No matter what your current physical condition may be, we will meet you there. Our workouts are scalable to meet the needs of any individual at just about any age.


Working out alone can be challenging, so why not do it with friends who will hold you accountable and cheer you on in a fun, diverse and supportive environment. Maybe even laugh a little!


What motivates you to be healthy? Whether it’s the ability to prolong playtime with your children and grandchildren or looking better at the beach, we got you covered.

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I was over 200lbs and not athletically talented in anything. I was tired, depressed, and a weary mother of two small children. When I first came to CrossFit Bradenton, everyone made me feel very comfortable and the coaches were able to scale the workouts to where I was at. I continue to received a lot of support from the friends that I've made here during my workouts. I've managed to lose 45lbs (so far) and I'm continuing to get stronger! I've also gained a lot of confidence. I laugh more, I sleep better... I'm happy and comfortable in my skin. It's hands down the best thing I've done for my mental and physical health and I wish I would have come earlier!

- ​​Agnes Nagy

I wasn’t happy with the way my body looked and after seeing motivational posts on Instagram I decided it was time to get more serious about my fitness. Before joining CrossFit Bradenton, I bounced from gym to gym and different workout programs but always became bored after a few weeks, and my fitness wasn't going anywhere. Since being here, not only have I enjoyed the workouts - the coaches and members are so friendly and always encouraging others. My body has never felt better! I've gotten stronger and faster, and I feel much better about my future health as I'm finally taking care of myself.

- ​Jordan Escher​

Even though I've always been active with fitness and sports, I've struggled with how I looked. After years of attempting to get in shape on my own, I finally had enough and tried something different and joined CrossFit Bradenton. I was hooked immediately. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and the variety of workouts, the thrill of improving and getting stronger kept me coming back! I've learned how much I actually like working out, I've learned more about eating healthy with the Paleo lifestyle - and I've lost 50lbs along the way!

- Alia White

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