Sara Nader-Hund: Strong in Both Body and Mind

I was first brought to CrossFit Bradenton by my dear friend Beate Heyman. I had been working out at “The Y “daily and running. After several years of group fitness, weightlifting, and completing a few marathons, I was looking for a new challenge. Beate and I tried CrossFit Bradenton. I remember being so nervous and the gym looked nothing like what I expected. There were no machines and a lot of open space, and some ropes. I really didn’t know what they did “at CrossFit” but I was definitely curious.

Paris and Beth created a great first experience for me and assured me that CrossFit can be tailored to anyone’s fitness level. While I was in decent shape, I was neither able to do pull ups, nor had I ever done Olympic weightlifting. They helped me find movements and modifications that would build strength, and eventually be able to complete movements such as pull-ups and handstand push-ups.

Since that first day, I have learned to do most of the CrossFit movements and still, some elude me. I truly believe this is the reason people fall in love with this sport. No matter how many skills you are able to attain, there is always more to work on. Every day is different, every workout is different. There are no routines to learn and progress happens quickly and tangibly.

Meeting milestones, reaching personal bests, getting a “first” (pull-up, bar muscle up, double under) are all bright spot moments. The real way however, that CrossFit has created a bright spot in my life, is the way it has empowered me to try achieving “hard” things outside the gym [educationally and professionally speaking]. What started out as a desire to change up my fitness routine proved to be much more. Creating a strong body surprisingly segwayed into building a strong mind and even stronger will.