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Group Classes – Sometimes More IS More

When I first started working out I went to the gym alone and would stand on a treadmill or elliptical for an hour moving at a very moderate pace. I needed a TV right in front of my machine to last the hour and if I woke up not wanting to go, then I didn’t… Read more »

When to Scale Workouts and Why

One of the questions I’m asked most often as a coach is, “How should I scale the workout?” It comes up almost daily with newer athletes and it has a multitude of answers. At CrossFit Bradenton, our workouts are designed to elicit a specific stimulus and to hit the three metabolic pathways (Phosphagen, Glycolytic and… Read more »

CrossFit Bradenton: Our Community

CrossFit Bradenton: Our Community By Guest Contributor, Alia White, CrossFit Bradenton’s Joy Girl In a world where life is always on the go and there never seems to be enough time, CrossFit Bradenton serves as a haven, providing an environment where one can, of course, physically work out, but also mentally work out. Our CrossFit community… Read more »

Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

By Guest Contributor Hannah Winner, CrossFit Level 1 Coach The CrossFit community is undoubtedly one of the most supportive when it comes to individual success in a sport. Sure there is competition between fellow athletes, but seldom do you see ‘rivals’ not cheering each other on to keep moving or finish a wod. However, it… Read more »

New Year – New You?

With each new year, there comes new resolutions. Many of which are often health related. Millions of people make a promise to themselves that this will be the year that they make a change. Awesome! I applaud you for making this commitment to yourself. What do the majority of people resolve to do? Here is… Read more »

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

Here’s a scenario that I see often – A new member comes into our gym, and falls in love with all things CrossFit. Maybe this is the first time they ever worked out regularly or have ever really enjoyed working out. They are seeing amazing results, making some friends and getting really getting involved in… Read more »

Setting Goals – Why It’s Important

Starting a fitness regimen can be overwhelming and intimidating if you begin without any direction or vision. One way to make the transition from sedentary to active is to set goals to work towards. Not only will you be motivated to get to the gym everyday, but you’ll find yourself envisioning where you can be… Read more »

Workout Then Pigout?

By Guest Contributer, Mallie Shirk, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist Workout then pigout. It is a mindset and cycle that is easy to fall into and hard to break but if you want to achieve your goals we have to delete the workout then pig-out routine.  We are all guilty of it.  We work our butt off at… Read more »

Coaches Corner: How Exercise Can Help Improve Energy Levels

Do you ever find yourself low on energy? If you’re like most people, it’s likely that you do. Balancing our careers and/or home life with our own extracurricular activities and then adding caring for our children and their extracurricular activities on top of that makes for a long, hectic and extremely busy day. Believe me,… Read more »