Member Stories

Hannah Winner: A “Winner” In More Ways Than One

“The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.” People used to look at me and see a young very thin girl, who appeared to be healthy and in shape, but this couldn’t have been anymore incorrect. I am 5’8” and before CrossFit I weighed just under 95 pounds. I was not… Read more »

Lor Roma-Nusman: A New Lease on Life

Paris, I can’t say Thank You enough! I was always the type to go, go, go until my energy level and exhaustion got so bad that I knew something was wrong. I had tests done which showed I had a congenital defect of my Aorta and it was also barely open enough for the blood… Read more »

Kristi Seagrave: A Welcoming Experience

After leaving a previous CrossFit gym, Crossfit Bradenton was the first on my list to try. Needless to say my list never continued any further. Going to my first class, I had an ongoing welcoming from every member in there to make me feel welcome. What I loved about this gym the most is this didn’t… Read more »

Ginger Moritz: I Found What I Was Missing

My fitness journey has landed me at CrossFit Bradenton (CFB) about 2 years ago.  Before coming to CFB, I was seeing a personal trainer, which was helping me with my weight loss goals but was expensive and I felt like something was missing.  That something, being CrossFit, was introduced to me by my good friend Denise…. Read more »