Personal Training

Our personal training is extremely flexible and can be tailored to each individual client’s needs and goals. While some may have sport-specific goals, others may just want the extra attention and push that comes with personalized training. Many of our personal training clients often choose to follow our CrossFit group programing, but in a private setting. Even our existing members opt for personal training to supplement their time in class to improve specific movements or skills. Whatever your fitness goals may be, we can help get you there.

What should you expect?

Each session will be dedicated to you and a customized program will be built around your unique goals. We offer a variety of packages ranging from 30 minutes to and hour and packages ranging from 5 – 20 sessions. You can even train with a buddy if you desire.

Pricing – Hourly Sessions

1 Session
$65.00 per hour
10 Sessions
$58.50 per hour
20 Sessions
$55.25 per hour

Pricing – Half-Hour Sessions

1 Session
$45.00 per half hour
10 Sessions
$40.50 per half hour
20 Sessions
$38.25 per half hour